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Filing for Florida Unemployment

This page has been created as a resource to assist you in your filing for Florida unemployment compensation benefits. After reading the following, you will know if you qualify for unemployment benefits, how to apply for benefits, when to expect receiving unemployment benefits as well as understand how long your unemployment benefits will last.

The State of Florida provides unemployment compensation (UC) benefits to help Florida citizens get back on the road to re-employment. Unemployment compensation is temporary financial assistance for workers who have lost their jobs but are able to work, available for work and actively seeking work.

Do I qualify to receive Florida unemployment benefits?

In order to qualify for unemployment benefits, you must:

- Have lost your most recent job through no fault of your own
- Be actively seeking for a new job
- Be ready to accept / take a new job when offered to you
- Meet certain wage requirement(s) based on your previous positions

How do I apply for Florida unemployment benefits?

You can file electronically for Florida unemployment compensation benefits via the Florida Internet Claims Filing system by clicking the link below.

> > >   File for Florida Unemployment Here   < < <

Can I file a Florida unemployment claim on my own?

Any individual who is currently unemployed or partially unemployed may file a claim. Two specific determinations must be made on your claim to determine your eligibility. The first determination will advise the individual if you've had sufficient work and earnings in Florida to establish a monetarily eligible unemployment claim. A monetarily eligible claim does not necessarily mean that you are eligible to receive benefits. The second determination pertains to the separation from the last or possibly next to the last employer. The reason for separation from the last employer, possibly the next to the last employer and other eligibility requirements must be examined to determine if you are eligible to receive unemployment benefits. This second determination will not be issued until the unemployment claim is filed and the claimant has actually certified for weeks of unemployment.

Eligibility for benefits is determined in accordance with Florida Statutes Chapter 443. The information concerning F.S. Florida Statutes Chapter 443.

How soon will I receive Florida unemployment benefits after filing?

After your initial filing for unemployment benefits, it typically takes three to four weeks to receive your first payment unemployment check from the State of Florida. Please note that after you file your initial claim, you will need to certify every two weeks online that you are actively searching for a new job or career.